Business Development Manager - International Publisher/training co.


This is a really unusual position which will appeal to you if you believe independent journalism is a vital part of a healthy democracy. Our client is a web-based publisher in English of important news stories from across the CEE region; and it also runs respected training programmes aimed at young journalists, especially from those countries in the region where the environment for independent journalism is challenging. The company is non-profit, so this is for you if you are able to prioritise a worthy contribution to modern society above the need to maximise income

The company has been in existence for 20 years, steadily developed by the owner, a US citizen and professional journalist. He seeks someone with more formal business training and experience with whom he can refine and implement the growth strategy and who will streamline decision making processes in an organisation which has 20 plus full-time employees.

You will need to meet the following criteria:

- Business development experience (our client is open-minded about where this experience has been gained)

- Business analysis skills

- Strong interpersonal and leadership skills - people enjoy working here

- Good knowledge of online marketing, and good experience of business IT infrastructure

- A believer in journalism as a vital component of a healthy democratic society

- Curious about and comfortable with people from different nations

We are interested in people with an orthodox marketing/media/publishing background who find the concept of this role personally interesting. If you can help bring business thinking to this non-profit organisation, while maintaining its spirit and atmosphere, you may find this a very rewarding role.

If you would like to explore this further, please send us your cv in the first instance, and a short note outlining why you found the description of this position to be personally motivating.