Hunter - Richard's blog news Czech friends: I apologise for our Brexit"This is an event like the fall of the Wall." That's what my friend Marco wrote to me about Brexit. He and I have been friends since 1994, and would never have found ourselves in Prague had it not been for the fall of the Wall. letter to Mr. Martin Janeček, General Director of the Czech Tax OfficeDear Mr. Janeček, I didn’t know your name a few months ago, but now it seems that you want us all to know you. You have been addressing us through the media. ethics of working for Andrej Babiš"I don't know how they sleep at night", my friend said, "What are they thinking of?" We were having lunch and as usual talking about politics. He is a well known person in the marketing communications industry; as are the the two guys he was referring to, who are both working as consultants to Babiš. I readily agreed with him. is increasing the workload for all SMEs. Let’s send him the invoiceIn just four weeks' time, the invoice-matching tax system takes effect. Until Erik Best discussed this in his recent Final Word, I was not aware that it was starting so soon. Were you aware of it? And if you are running a small or medium sized business, have you considered how much this is going to cost you? of the Year? - Just abolish it!The Agency of the Year presentation, due to be held at PIAF, was cancelled at the last minute. This prompted a lot of hand-wringing, and was one of the reasons cited by Martin Štěpánek as a reason for Lion Group (Publicis) to withdraw from AKA. can we fix UOHS?“The CMA will take into account how markets affect not just average members of society but also the very poorest – on who, for instance, energy bills might have a disproportionate effect.” Alex Chisholm, CEO, UK Competition and Markets Authority Not fit for purpose. (Part 2)After reading about the absurd decision of UOHS regarding Klasa, I told myself that this could only be the decision of a person or people who have never hired or worked with a communications agency. And after all, there are many intelligent business people who have never done that. So it seemed reasonable to ask about the professional backgrounds of those at UOHS who worked on the case, and to enquire if they thought to hire external help from a consultant who does understand the business of marketing communications. Not fit for purpose. (Part 1)How often do you think about UOHS? In most cases the answer is probably "not often". If however you are one of our readers who work for McCann-Erickson, or for Vodafone, you will be aware that UOHS have made decisions (or failed to make decisions) which have negatively affected your business. One commentator recently remarked that the value of business "frozen" under review by UOHS was so great that it represented the difference between positive and negative GDP for the country. Fairy Tales.czThe strapline on the City Light ad is in English: "Work Hard. Have Fun. Make History" . It is a recruitment ad for Amazon, quoting a line from its founder Jeff Bezos. Amazon is not actually launching on the Czech market, but it is opening both a logistics centre near Prague, and an administrative centre in Dejvice. How the people there will "make history", remains to be seen. But before they start , they deserve to know how Amazon is perceived in the European markets where it does business.; yet another brilliant new idea?We've received a copy of a press release from Mr Jordan (attached, In Czech only). It informs us that on Wednesday 25th February he is organising a meeting (open to "anybody") to "consult" about the structure of the proposed new tender for Klasa.