Our Career Action Plan

Who is it for?

  • managers currently in work, who have been too busy to pay attention to their career profile, or consider what their next step might be if they choose to or need to move on from their current employer
  • managers looking for work. We help them ensure that their self-presentation is as attractive as possible, and help them create an action plan to identify potential new employers - which may or may not be our clients. We encourage employers who have to release managers to consider paying for the programme on the employee’s behalf

What does it consist of?

  • a 90 minute one-to-one meeting which follows a defined process

What should be the result?

  • clear recommendations on how to improve interview presentation, cv, and online presence
  • clear understanding of the manager’s value in the job market and the type of employer which is most likely to be interested in the manager
  • an Action Plan which in some cases may lead to concrete contact with potential employers


1. How much does it cost?

It is priced so that an individual manager can afford to pay personally, although we encourage employers to pay on behalf of managers who have to be released. There is a fixed price, but with discounts for less senior people. Full details will be provided for anyone who expresses concrete interest

2. Is it for managers from any discipline?

No. It is specifically for people with a marketing or marketing communications background, from the corporate or agency sectors. This is in line with our own specialist expertise. We may in certain cases be able to help people with a sales management career.

3. Is this like an ‘outplacement” programme?

In the first part of the session, yes. However our Action Plan offer far more concrete steps towards identifying potential new employers, in some cases with specific names of hiring managers who can be targetted. It is possible that we may even agree that a manager may be of interest to one of our own clients

4. I am interested in a specific position which you are advertising. Do I have to go through this programme?

No. We will assess you and treat you as a normal candidate. If you do not meet our client’s criteria we may offer you this programme instead.

5. You helped me with a previous career move. Will I have to go through this programme if I seek your help again?

If we placed you in a position within the last three years, or if you were a client hiring manager whom we worked with, we would not charge you, even if we recommend you to formally go through the programme.

6. Am I on my own after the programme finishes?

No. As part of the Action Plan we offer telephone support if you are preparing for an interview or need advice regarding an employer you may be in discussion with.