Thursday, December 02

Rumours that I've been fired are unfounded!


As some of you may know, I spent Tuesday morning at Prague City Hall, joining the protest organised by Zmen Politiku! Nobody was paying me to do this, and admittedly, I did not ask my clients' permission. However none of them were deprived of my services, since it was possible to make a few calls and check emails while engaging with our elected representatives. The CEO of one international FMCG company was kind enough to approve of my message announcing my intentions on LinkedIn.

I thought I'd mention this because according to JUDr. Karel Muzikar, a lawyer, all the demonstrators "must be unemployed because no employer would give them time off to do this.".

Of course Dr Muzikař cannot imagine that a company owner would do something during the working day for which he would not be paid, especially when this involves inhibiting the work of those fine business-oriented politicians at City Hall. But fear not, I did not sack myself for this unauthorised absence. I remain employed.

However we may pause to consider what Dr Muzikař himself was doing at City Hall. Since nobody has elected him as their representative, we may assume that somebody was paying him to be there; and given the status of his law firm, we may assume that the cost was at least 10,000CZK per hour. As HN wrote, he appeared to be running the meeting at times. What exactly are his duties at City Hall, not just on Tuesday but on other days? Are these duties politically impartial? How much has he charged for these services? Was there a proper tender to determine whether he provides the most cost effective service from among the large number of lawyers available? Since we have paid for these services, I think we have a right to know the answers. I intend to find out, by writing to Ing. Martin Trnka, director of City Hall. If you have the same or similar questions, this is his email address.



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