Monday, February 23

Klasa; yet another brilliant new idea?


We've received a copy of a press release from Mr Jordan (attached, In Czech only). It informs us that on Wednesday 25th February he is organising a meeting (open to "anybody") to "consult" about the structure of the proposed new tender for Klasa.

This is interesting from two angles. Firstly there is some detail about the proposed new tender. It will be split into four parts

- strategy and creative
- activation
- media planning and buying
- fairs and exhibitions

In itself this split is probably sensible (although we doubt it is sensible to split creative from implementation). However this would appear to suggest that the previous plan to buy media in-house, announced by Minister Jurecka, and discussed in previous blogposts, has been dropped.

It is also of interest that Mr Jordan, who previously harangued us for not apparently understanding the "difference" between the Ministry and SZIF, is now quite happy to be working on behalf of SZIF. It makes one wonder, what is the point of SZIF....

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