Wednesday, December 04

Chapter 3; P&G and Unilever developed marketeers. Whom will Google develop?

“How do you do it”, people asked? How did we find those people in the 90s, some of whom are highly respected in the marketing world today? And if I am honest, I didn’t have a clear answer then, and looking back, I cannot clearly recall now, how we did it then. I can recall what we did not do. We considered doing this in Strategie, but I am pretty sure we did not do it.


Wednesday, November 20

Confessions of an Accidental Headhunter; Chapter 2; Winging it..

I didn’t have a plan. I mean that I didn’t have a business plan. Looking back, I am even more shocked that despite all my training, I had given little thought to the “brand” I was creating, no competitor analysis, no SWOT analysis.


Tuesday, November 12

Confessions of an Accidental Headhunter Chapter 1; Just Do It.

Late November, 1992.  Prague had been cold throughout my visit, but at the airport, built on high ground, there was another weather problem: fog. All flights were suspended, and in the terminal building it was chaos.


“Nejsou lidi! “ ; how to cope with the Czech labour shortage

Tuesday, November 14

“Nejsou lidi! “ ; how to cope with the Czech labour shortage

It is not a “crisis”. High unemployment creates a crisis, not just for a country but for all the individuals affected.  Nevertheless we are living through a time, the likes of which I have never experienced.


Dear Czech friends: I apologise for our Brexit

Monday, June 27

Dear Czech friends: I apologise for our Brexit

"This is an event like the fall of the Wall." That's what my friend Marco wrote to me about Brexit.  The fall of the Wall was a great thing.