Monday, May 10

Good headhunting; (#2) LinkedIn


Are you on LinkedIn? If not, why not? My unscientific estimate is that nowadays 80% of individuals I would need to contact in business are there. So it is a very powerful tool now, and I greatly appreciate it; especially because it is free.

LinkedIn gives me a person's career history; it also tells me who they are connected to, and in some cases who is prepared to speak well of them. I may know some of these connections and can discreetly speak to them about the person I am interested in.

Now, rightly or wrongly, if you have a marketing career, and you are not on LinkedIn, this gives me a slightly negative impression. On the one hand, privacy is important on the internet. However good marketing people should be discreetly marketing themselves. They should not be 'shrinking violets'. LinkedIn, unlike Facebook, is not interested in your personal life, unless you want it to be. You can block unwanted contacts. But who in marketing doesnt want a polite, relevant approach from a headhunter?

Of course this raises the question, if company HR people are on LinkedIn (and most of them are) doesn't this reduce the need for headhunters? Not at all. We still need to 'interrogate" the cv or LinkedIn entry, and ensure that the client has considered all the available options. Some people will not react well to a direct approach from an HR manager at a rival company. They might even use the approach against that company. They won't react that way to a headhunter coming through LinkedIn. This is what is expected of us.

LinkedIn has simply made us more efficient, and for this, it has my great admiration and gratitude.


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