Wednesday, April 22

UOHS. Not fit for purpose. (Part 2)

After reading about the absurd decision of UOHS regarding Klasa, I told myself that this could only be the decision of a person or people who have never hired or worked with a communications agency. And after all, there are many intelligent business people who have never done that. If (as I suspected) they had not been able to use such expertise, then at least we could identify this as the problem, and propose a potential resolution; UOHS should seek wider business experience within their senior team, and sometimes also hire external specialists who can help them understand how a market, which they are investigating, works.


Thursday, April 02

UOHS. Not fit for purpose. (Part 1)

How often do you think about UOHS? In most cases the answer is probably "not often". If however you are one of our readers who work for McCann-Erickson, or for Vodafone, you will be aware that UOHS have made decisions (or failed to make decisions) which have negatively affected your business. Therefore UOHS is incredibly important for the economic wellbeing of the country.

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