Tuesday, June 17

Pietro Leone : "Affiliation is not the right solution for CEE"

Pietro Leone is CEO for EMEA at Geometry Global, and was also the Regional Director of Grey/G2 who concluded the WMC/Grey affiliate. His response to our remarks on the Hullabaloo/TBWA affiliation are therefore pertinent, and perhaps surprising. Fewer, and better offices, is the way to go.


Monday, June 02

Hullabaloo and TBWA; a simple, sensible solution

We are happy at the news that Hullabaloo are the new affiliate of TBWA, because it heralds the successful culmination of our two year long search for a suitable partner for Hullabaloo. We will make a prediction; there will be other deals of this nature, both here and in other smaller markets throughout Europe. Remember how and why the networks agencies arrived here, mainly in 1991.

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