Wednesday, February 22

Don't be too foreign!

I was very pleased to see this article in HN, about the English (actually Scottish) butcher, Chris Robertson, whom we also recommend on our pages. Like many British expats in Prague I am a long-time loyal customer of Chris's shops. The most striking thing about Chris's business is how "Czech" it is.


Wednesday, February 15


  Under the Freedom of Information Law , (106), on Monday 13th February I sent the following request to the Ministry of Agriculture. By law they must reply to me within 15 days. Dear SirsRequest for information, under the law 106/1999 Sb.


Thursday, February 09

Hands off Budvar!

There are important and reasonable questions to ask about Budějovický Budvar. Should a brewery be owned by the State? If not, how, and to whom should it be sold? And while it remains in State hands, how should the performance of the CEO and its employees be evaluated? These are questions for all of us, because Budvar belongs to us. As our servants, they would lay out the various options for us to consider, and ultimately to vote on.


Friday, February 03

Can an agency really 'choose' its clients?

I recommend Petr Vaclavek's article in this week's MaM, in which he claims that his agency Lemonade will only work with clients which "it chooses". I do this, in the full knowledge that I become a tool of Petr's carefully crafted campaign of self-publicity. If that sounds a little sarcastic, I do not mean it to be.

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