Wednesday, July 27

The Ad. Agency "Godfathers"

In an interesting article in HN, Martin Charvát of Konektor discusses a favourite hypothesis of mine, that Czechs are less 'confrontational' than other Europeans - specifically compared with British people, but also compared with Poles. Broadly he concludes that the Czechs work most effectively together by consensus, and that this is a positive thing.To support his theory, Martin looked at the two acknowledged 'godfathers' of Czech advertising, Josef Havelka (ex Leo Burnett), and Marek Šebesťák (ex MARK/BBDO).


Monday, July 18

The telco protests are a positive step for the Czech "market"

I'm sorry that I only learnt about the protest against the high prices of Czech telco operators today, after it was over. There are a number of interesting lessons to be learnt from it. In other countries the regulatory offices are much more powerful and active than are the CTU.


Friday, July 01

Why clients pay 50% too much for advertising

Ceska Televize will no longer carry advertising in any form useful to a big advertiser such as P&G or T-Mobile, and Robert Kvapil of CT wonders why advertisers don't make more fuss about this political decision. The answer, I am afraid, is contained within my previous blogpost. Individual clients tend to go to great lengths to squeeze the revenue of creative agencies.