Tuesday, May 31

Pitch Fees - it's different to Germany

This week's Marketing and Media (link here for those with a MaM subscription) highlights research from our colleagues Cherrypicker in Germany on the situation regarding payment of pitch fees in the German market. In short, the question in Germany is not so much whether they should be paid - but simply how much. For the first time, thanks to this research from Cherrypicker, we have documentary evidence of how much clients are prepared to invest when they ask agencies to present creative work in a pitch.

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Wednesday, May 25

In praise of: Viktoria Plzen (and their fans)

I have always had a soft spot for Viktoria Plzen, since I first met Lubos Kastner, now of Plzensky Prazdroj, maybe 14 years ago. "Real" football fans, in my book, are those who stay loyal to their - ideally local - club through good times and bad. But he had very little to cheer about all this time, despite being the club which developed the two most famous Czech players of recent years, Pavel Nedved and Petr Cech.

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Wednesday, May 11

In praise of the Farmers’ Markets

We all know how this phenomenon has rapidly become a hit with Czech consumers, but what can we learn from it? As I shopped in the sunshine at Vitezne namesti last Saturday, a number of things occurred to me.Firstly, I was hugely enjoying myself, and I realised that so was everybody else. First of all there is the colour and the smells of the fresh produce - especially fresh fruit and vegetables.