Friday, April 22

AdForum Summit 2011 - Part 3; Yeo Valley - it starts with a TV spot. One spot.

First, let me to tell you about Somerset. It is in the West of England, and it has the same image as South Bohemia does for Czechs.  So there are many happy cows producing healthy dairy products (as well as happy apple trees producing cider!) But of course in the modern world British supermarkets are full of mass-produced dairy products from other countries.

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Friday, April 22

AdForum Summit 2011 - Part 2; BBH (Bartle, Bogle, Hegarty) -

BBH was formed in 1982. Immediately it started producing campaigns which had the whole of the country talking: Audi's "Vorsprung durch Technik"; and the relaunch of Levi's 501's, which was an iconic marriage of advertising and music video. I was somewhat in awe of this, because I knew I couldn't match up.


Tuesday, April 19

AdForum Summit 2011 - Part 1;

This year's AdForum Summit took me home to London, but the first two days were full of unfamiliar images and impressions. Of course the digital London is very different to the pre-internet London I left behind, but it is breathtaking to see how far ahead of Central Europe is London in embracing and utilising those changes. A day with R/GA, and a few hours with Razorfish and Digitas helped me to overcome my scepticism about mobile marketing;  and helped me accept the idea that brands may be having conversations with us after all.