Monday, February 28

Three heady days in Sofia

In the eyes of most managers in global companies, Bulgaria is definitely not in "Central Europe", and nobody paid it much attention as it languished outside the EU while the Central Europeans rapidly left communism behind. But I had Bulgarian friends, made before the revolution, and so when the chance came up to help Nestle and Publicis with a relationship workshop, I was delighted to seize the chance to return to Sofia for the first time since 1992. Some of my friends considered the "revolution" of 1989 in Bulgaria to be fake, and left, never to return.


Friday, February 11

The remarkable life and ideas of DDB's new global creative leader

DDB announced today that Amir Kassaei has been appointed as its new Global Creative Director. He moves to this post from his role as Creative Director of DDB in Berlin. I thoroughly recommend his blog, and in particular his two part "Manifesto of Successful Marketing".