Wednesday, September 29

NBS-CNB; 2:0

I hope I will not bore you if I return to the subject of the Czech National Bank. Their policies and decisions affect all of us. What worries me is that twice in the last three weeks they have justified their policies with arguments which can be refuted by simple observation of the world beyond the Czech border.

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Tuesday, September 21

"Rock’n’ roll star? I’d rather be a marketing director!"

There is something rather wonderful behind the apparently perplexing news that Bruce Dickinson, vocalist with heavy metal superstars, Iron Maiden, is now the marketing director of an airline. My wife often recounts the story of her first job, as assistant to the CEO of Autec, the BMW dealer. Her boss, like most blokes, secretly yearned to have Dickinson's "job".

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Wednesday, September 15

The Euro; Facts vs Dogma

In a blogpost in February, I pondered whether a politician like Miroslav Kalousek would be sacked if he was measured in the same way as a CEO. Certainly that ought to be the case with members of the Czech National Bank board. In the magazine version under the headline "The Euro contributed to the Greek debt crisis", Mr Holman boldly proclaims that "The crisis clearly showed us that it's an advantage to have our own currency".


Wednesday, September 08

Do you have conversations with brands?

Do you? I would be really interested to hear how the conversation went. Especially your part of the conversation. He believes that companies should work harder to make these conversations more effective.


Friday, September 03

Marketing; customer's view (#1 in a series): Data roaming

"Marketing: the matching of what the company can provide, with what the customer needs or wants, in a way that maximises long-term profits for the company". (Professor Peter Doyle) Data roaming. We want to check emails, get the weather, get directions, Google something.