Monday, July 26

Market report (#3) Looking up!

It would be unwise to read too much into the performance of a small consultancy such as ours. Nevertheless the trends are unmistakable. This last one is very interesting, as it shows that the network agencies feel more confident about business prospects than they have for the last four years.


Tuesday, July 20

Choosing an agency, #2; Agencies don't like creative pitches...or do they?

For years, agency associations have argued that pitches which depend upon speculative creative work are not good practice. I wrote a blogpost supporting this viewpoint back in March. They are only against them because clients do not pay for them.


Monday, July 12

Choosing an agency (#1 in a series): What, exactly, are you choosing?

The answer is devastatingly simple: a group of people. Yet it does not seem that simple to those who have to make the choice. What stands behind these brands in reality? Some people may be surprised that I am asking this, as for many years I have been promoting the superior skills of network agencies, and of the individual people who work there.