Monday, June 28

"Bye Bye England, alles is vorbei" (German football fans, Bloemfontein, 27.6.2010)

Over the years, I have discovered that if you are English and love football, it is a great way to make new friends in other countries. You are also treated with extra respect. This was always more respect than I ever deserved, and the least I can do for all my friends who wished me well as an English fan, is to try and explain the humiliation of last night's game against Germany.


Friday, June 18

There are no prizes for coming second. But it’s good to know why you failed

I have recently noticed a trend in agency tenders. More clients are aware of the need to tell losing agencies, that they have lost. In particular, this phrase is disingenuous if at least two agencies in the same tender have been told this.


Wednesday, June 02

Can an agency really be a business partner?

This is a suggestion that is greeted with cynicism by clients in this country. Often the agencies have only themselves to blame, since they use the phrase without really demonstrating that they can contribute more than advertising proposals. One which seemed to get everybody interested was presented by Crispin Porter + Bogusky, on behalf of their airline client SAS.