Thursday, May 27

AdForum Copenhagen Summit; Part 2: The Network strikes back!

Several network agencies also came to talk to us. Saatchi & Saatchi showed some wonderful work from around the world, including the outrageous Teletransporter campaign for Andes beer, while Grey did a convincing job of showing us a network which is small and lean enough to allow clients to become closer to the process, in the way that smaller independent agencies often achieve better. Lee Daley and John Wright showed us how the agency has developed a system which would allow it to immediately assemble the right team for a client project from any one of its 19,800 global employees.


Tuesday, May 25

AdForum Copenhagen Summit; Part 1: Hotshops everywhere

The annual AdForum Summit brings together 'pitch consultants' from around Europe and agencies who relish the chance to tell the consultants about their progress and why the consultant should pass the news on to clients. For me it's a chance to step into another world, and a vibrant, optimistic world it is too..


Wednesday, May 19

Read the full version here :-)

  It is fashionable for journalists and other commentators to proclaim the imminent 'death' of advertising agencies. The problem is, it has been fashionable for 30 years. The partners of the advertising agency it depicts, Sterling Cooper, had previously sold their ownership to a British agency.


Monday, May 10

Good headhunting; (#2) LinkedIn

Are you on LinkedIn? If not, why not? My unscientific estimate is that nowadays 80% of individuals I would need to contact in business are there. So it is a very powerful tool now, and I greatly appreciate it; especially because it is free. I may know some of these connections and can discreetly speak to them about the person I am interested in.