Wednesday, April 21

The demise of Springer & Jacoby

It came as a shock to learn from AdAge that this famous German agency has filed for bankruptcy. Along with Scholz and Frineds, and Jung von Matt (whose founders came from S&J) this was the agency that could show snobbish Brits that Germany could in fact produce good creative advertising. As recently as 2005, S&J won a Cannes Gold Lion for an Olympus TV spot.


Thursday, April 15

The wonderful secrets of eKonto

Here's a word-of-mouth tip: Raiffeisen's eKonto is an excellent product. Don't worry; nobody paid me to write this, and this story is also about how difficult it has been to discover how good it is. If so, eKonto is the stuff of dreams.


Tuesday, April 06

Vladimir Zeman

I learnt today the sad and shocking news that Vlada Zeman was killed at the weekend by an avalanche in the Italian Alps. The Czech advertising industry has lost one of its founding fathers. Nobody could run such a business successfully without being tough and ruthless when necessary.