Tuesday, March 30

Czech Internet shopping - still not doing business

Last Thursday a friend had a birthday. She, like many of you, is a Depeche Mode fan. It was already Sunday, so I thought it would be a bit risky to get it from Amazon as it might not arrive in time.


Tuesday, March 23

The problem with agency tenders

The recent discussions around agency tenders have been nicely captured by M&M. A comment piece by the director of AC&C PR agency, followed by one from the Corpcomms director of Ahold, shows how badly the two sides misunderstand each other. Too many tenders are focussed on speculative creative work.


Monday, March 22

Market report (#2)

After an ominously slow January, our own activity is picking up nicely, and this seems to be  a pattern seen by many of our clients. The one exception seems to be the telco sector, but otherwise it seems that the worst is over. It's important to pay attention to what is happening in the wider world.


Sunday, March 14

Take a stand against corruption!

Last week I wrote that Czech politicians would be unlikely to address corruption seriously. This week Amcham made a bold attempt to make them do so, by announcing it will bring together other chambers and commercial groups to push for radical changes to the public procurement law. This seems like a good approach, and we should certainly consider this in the marketing community.