Thursday, February 25

Vote left, vote right? How about a vote for honesty?

The elections will soon be upon us, and Czech politicians will ask voters to conduct the debate in the same way as in other Western democracies. They will claim that the key issue is how to deal with the economic crisis.The Czech version of this discussion will be a charade.


Thursday, February 18

The whole world is watching Belgium!

Well, whatever the merits of the action of the Belgian agency ‘strike', (read more here in English, and here in Czech) it has certainly had the positive effect of bringing the issues to the attention of the global marketing community. Here is an interesting American viewpoint. But his overall conclusion is the serious one, that the issues cannot be solved by the actions of agencies.

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Monday, February 15

If Kalousek was CEO of CZ, a.s., would you headhunt him?

So it’s official; we are still in recession. Recession is partly a mental state, and as Erik Best argues in today’s Final Word , it seems to have affected Kalousek later than just about anyone else in the world who is paid to assess such things and act accordingly.8%.


Monday, February 15

Belgian agencies take action on pitches!

No sooner had I written about bad practice in agency pitches, and somebody asks, "ok but what's to be done", then a startling answer from Belgium was reported by AdAge. (It's now been picked up by MaM too. Well, what do you think about that? One problem here would be that in our experience clients are still not visiting agency websites much.


Thursday, February 11

Bad practice in agency tenders affects innocent clients

In his interview in M&M last December, Evžen Hart criticised the practice of ‘false tenders”. This week we have discovered how these practices affect not just agencies, but also those clients who aim to conduct tenders properly. The client sent out an email to each of the agencies.


Friday, February 05

Toyota's faults. Serious, or

It happened to me. 30 years ago I was driving my (horrible) Fiat 128 along a London road something similar to the "magistral", in the fast lane, doing (as permitted) about 110 kph, when I realised the accelerator had jammed open. It was one of the most terrifying experiences of my life, but most of the terror came afterwards when I thought of what might have happened.


Wednesday, February 03

Good headhunting; (#1 in a series)

Let me tell you the sad story about my beloved football team. In 2006 they were in the English Premier League, and widely admired as a well run business, as well as a good team. The main reason is that they did not plan ahead for a change in a key position, off the field.